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December 11, 2022

Selling SAAS in December

How a Digital Sales Room can help you close those end-of-year deals

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Selling tips

December is one of the most stressful months for sales. In this article, we describe how we can help. Keep on reading.

As the end of the year officially comes into sight, there’s more than just presents that need wrapping up. Your deals need finalizing too. This is even more difficult than trying to find the sticky end of the tape.

Budgets are tight, decisions are harder to make and everyone seems to be asking, “do we need this right now?” You need the tools to drive this along internally and instill the confidence that you’re a vendor that will deliver. And you need this now more than ever at this time of the year.

Call us biased (we’ll answer) – but we believe that Digital Sales Rooms are just the thing to help you push priorities, get execs on board and enable champions to push for decisions.

Of course, we’re biased, we built a whole startup around our experience in sales and our belief that sales-evolution demands are shifting to digital sales rooms (Gartner predicts that By 2026, 30% of B2B sales cycles will be managed through digital sales rooms, which will then be used to manage the customer life cycle.”

Digital sales rooms allow you to easily summarize solutions for the executive team and buying committees, as well as collaborate around proposals and negotiations

The days of following up, trying to create tailored decks, and meeting with execs, to sum up challenges and influence priorities are over(whelming).

Summarize proposals:

Show the champion and their execs exactly what you’ve learned and how you’re going to solve their challenges and cater to their needs.

Timeline summary:

Demonstrate how they can be live by X date, trained by Y, and by January or February they can be fully onboarded and achieve their desired business outcomes.

Backwards plan:

Use the timeline section to do a backwards plan to create urgency around when you’ll deliver ROI. Easily and efficiently demonstrate what the steps are from the ROI backwards to today, and how they will see the value by the beginning of next year.

Teams section:

Add the trust factor by showing them that everyone involved from CSM to the manager and of course, you the seller, will be behind them. This will give your champion the tools they need to present (and impress) internally.


Way back when (as in before today, when you got yourself a DSR), you’d be sending a deck via email. The champion would then need to present it and that would be it. You would have zero access to the people with the buying power. With a DSR you’re giving them one room where you have complete accessibility to the full decision team. See what they’re seeing and build value-based results based on that knowledge.


A DSR is easy and makes you look better. It’s time to position yourself as the pro that you are. At this stage of the year, you need to differentiate yourself from the competition, or competing priorities, and show how serious you are by creating this dedicated mini-site for this buying project. It also empowers the champion by giving them the perfect flow and allowing them to have an answer to every question.

Now is the time, when budgets are so hard to allocate, and tough decisions need to be made– that they’re going to give the sale to the person who made a room and put in the effort to help them make a decision.

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