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May 30, 2022

How to Manage & Oversee Client Collaboration as a CRO

A short interview with Idan Arealy, the CRO of Anagog

The Challenge

Customer collaboration can be super challenging in the new remote world. So how can CRO oversee and manage customer collaboration for their sales & customer success teams?

We’ve asked Idan Arealy from the Anagog team exactly that.

Interview with Idan Arealy, Anagog

Tell us about yourself:

I’m the CRO of Anagog leading the Revenue team from business development, sales and customer success.

Why did you choose to use Aligned?

That was easy for me. Before we were introduced to Aligned we worked the traditional way, so we communicated with our customers mainly via emails. When we saw Aligned, choosing it was an easy one.

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How are you using Aligned?

We use it (Aligned) in three different teams, from sales, customer success and partnerships. sales and customer success working in the same room. We create the room for the prospects after the demo stage and we keep working and using the same room also for the post sale and communications.

How does Aligned impact your business?

It actually impacts a lot! we are doing enterprise sales here at Anagog, meaning multiple stakeholders complex

deals and interactions so we use it as a centralized hub to communicate with all the teams together both on the Anagog side: sales, tech, customer success but also the prospect side and also you know what? 

One of the main benefits for me as a CRO is the control and the visibility into the deals. Both for me and for my team so we don’t need to do the cold, empty, follow-ups and we actually know what the customers saw, when customers consume the content, what the customer shows interest in. We really use it on a daily basis and we get control of our deals.

How was your clients' experience with Aligned?

We got lots of positive feedback including questions about what it is and if they can use it as well. It sends a very professional message uh the way we communicate with our customers And they love it they love it to have everything in one centralized place, it makes their life much easier yeah they love it.