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June 10, 2022

How To Successfully Onboard and Manage Clients in B2B

A short interview with Aviva Goodman from the Causematch Team

The Challenge

Onboarding & managing clients can become super complex.
How can you scale & automate your customer onboarding process?

We’ve asked Aviva Goodman from the CauseMatch team exactly that.

Interview with Aviva Goodman, Causematch

Tell us about yourself:

I’m Aviva and i’m a Customer Success manager at Causematch and i’ve been in my position for about three years.

Why did you choose to use Aligned?

So actually the department head of our customer success had found it (Team Aligned) and once he introduced it to me i basically told him over my dead body and are we not purchasing it because from the second i started using it i realized how many problems it would solve and how many
tools it would replace.
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Customer Success

How does Aligned impact your business?

Team Aligned has actually changed our process overall so we’re running campaigns and we’re helping nonprofits
set up fundraisers and instead of
emailing them a to-do list and emailing them you know links and you know knowledge-based articles and etc we now have a room, one place to work all
together where things aren’t getting lost or um in the shuffle.
Now with larger clients when you’re really really trying to keep your teams aligned.

How was your clients’ experience with Aligned?

it has been excellent and in fact we’ve had clients that liked it so much they actually came to Team Aligned for their internal processing and not just for their campaign management.