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December 28, 2022

The Art of Customer Engagement

What do you get when two heads of marketing walk into a virtual bar?

What do you get when two heads of marketing walk into a virtual bar? Plenty of puns, laughter, discussion, and of course, some wine-fueled brainstorming (because…um… research, right?)

Aligned and ScaleOps, decided to unite for an article, realizing that besides having two fabulous ladies who can bond over Netflix binges, our understanding, and experience can help those in the sales industry make a real difference – especially when it comes to maximizing face time with customers in a world where 43% of prospects prefer to self-serve and only 5% of buyers’ time is spent with salespeople.

We know. GASP!

Aligned: Collaboration and Acceleration in Sales

Aligned is all about helping salespeople stay organized, informed, and efficient. Their game-changing Mutual-Action-Plan software is designed to create mutual accountability and accelerate the sales cycle. By offering a single URL for sharing content, Aligned eliminates the need for logging in and streamlines the buyer’s experience.

With Aligned’s customer collaboration platform, both sides can assign tasks, comment, and collaborate in real-time, in one space. This fosters better communication and understanding, helping deals progress smoothly. Plus, the ability to create a simple, tailored digital sales room for customers sets sales teams apart from their competition, enabling sales champions to sell solutions internally more effectively.

Aligned’s robust customer sales analytics also empower sales teams with unprecedented intelligence. By monitoring buyer interactions and content usage, salespeople can uncover blind spots, react to buying signals, and prevent deal loss. In short, Aligned is the ultimate tool for sales pros looking to sell and onboard 45% faster.

Now, over to you, ScaleOps!

ScaleOps: Personalized HubSpot Operations

As Israel’s leading HubSpot partner and Revenue Operations firm, ScaleOps takes the stage when it comes to setting up your CRM for success, from defining your sales strategy, automating lead flow, and building the pipeline in practice. With HubSpot and Salesforce as core platforms, they integrate additional software into their client’s CRM to support the sales process and deliver the best experience for both the salespeople and prospects – such as Aligned.

It’s no secret that the key to selling lies in sales efficiency. ScaleOps dedicates itself to maximizing customer-facing time for salespeople by refining the buyer journey, automating task, and most importantly, reporting to make data-driven decisions when it comes to the shortening the sales cycle. Accurate sales analytics stems from using your tech stack in the right way so training and sales enablement is key in their work with clients.

Their approach aligns marketing, sales, and customer success teams, streamlining processes, strategies, and technology to work cohesively. ScaleOps are your hands on professionals for high-growth Marketing & Sales operations to not acquire the best software, but to use it in the right way. 

Do you use HubSpot & Aligned?

Integrating the two platforms provides valuable analytics for deals in progress, making it easy for sales teams to stay up to date with the status of their deals and take necessary actions.

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