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March 13, 2023

Unlocking Sales Success

Accelerate Revenue Growth with Data-Driven Insights


unlocking sales
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The sales landscape is constantly changing, and in the face of an increasingly complex environment, B2B account executives need to adapt by embracing data-driven strategies. Data is the key to unlocking insights that help sales teams better understand their prospects, improve their sales process, and ultimately close more deals. In this article, we discuss the importance of data for sales and explore the evolving world of data and sales. We also showcase the collaboration between Aligned and Coho AI, two innovative companies that offer an unparalleled solution to help sales executives harness the power of data.

The Importance of Data in Sales

AE’s in sales must understand that in today’s world, where the mantra is to “do more with less,” data-driven insights are more critical than ever. It is no longer enough to rely on intuition or traditional sales techniques. With 43% of prospects preferring to self-serve, and only 5% of buyers’ time spent with salespeople, the number of blind spots has increased exponentially. A significant portion of the sales process happens when we are not in the room, and we have limited control over these interactions. Therefore, it is crucial to leverage data effectively to gain insights that can help account executives optimize their sales process, identify hidden opportunities, and react quickly to potential deal losses. With the right data-driven insights, sales teams can align with their customers better and drive significant revenue growth.

Aligned: Enhancing Buyer Intelligence

Aligned, a platform designed by sales executives for sales executives aims to streamline the sales process by offering a collaborative workspace for revenue teams and customers. With Aligned’s Async Buyer Intelligence feature, sales teams gain unprecedented visibility into the buyer’s journey even after meetings end.

Aligned provides alerts on all engagement within the workspace, allowing sales teams to analyze activity, page views, discussions, and more. This helps in identifying new stakeholders involved in deals, understanding which deals are most or least engaged, and recognizing when silent or lost deals show renewed interest. By understanding customers’ interests and intent, sales executives can better align their approach and prevent deal loss.

Coho AI: Harnessing Customer Data for Sales Success

Coho AI revolutionizes sales teams by leveraging valuable insights from user data to drive revenue growth. With its product-led revenue platform, Coho AI offers AI-powered analytics and automation capabilities, enabling you to understand user behavior and optimize your sales strategy.

Harnessing advanced AI, Coho AI meticulously analyzes user behavior data to form distinctive cohorts and discover hidden patterns. This insight pinpoints qualified leads, explains their potential, and ranks them by conversion likelihood. This precision empowers sales teams to focus resources effectively, transforming strategies and boosting performance.

With Coho AI’s robust analytics tools, sales teams can unlock actionable insights and make informed decisions. This platform goes beyond providing insights; it empowers you to leverage those insights in your go-to-market (GTM) tech stack, ensuring that you reach the right person with the right message at the right time.

The Power of Collaboration: Aligned Meets Coho AI

Both Aligned and Coho AI offers a powerful value proposition for experienced B2B account executives in the sales industry. By combining Aligned’s Async Buyer Intelligence and collaborative workspace with Coho AI’s customer behavior and engagement analytics, sales teams gain access to a comprehensive suite of data-driven tools that empower them to make more informed decisions and optimize their sales process.


The ever-changing world of data and sales requires B2B account executives to adopt data-driven strategies to stay ahead of the competition. The collaboration between Aligned and Coho AI offers a unique solution that allows sales teams to effectively harness the power of data and unlock their full potential. By embracing the insights and tools provided by Aligned and Coho AI, sales executives can successfully navigate the complex landscape of B2B selling and achieve unprecedented success.

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