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June 22, 2023

15 Best User Onboarding Tools

In the modern digital landscape, customer and user onboarding isn’t just a step – it’s the opening number in the dazzling dance of your customer relationship. Miss a beat, and you might just lose your partner. But choreograph it right, and you’ll set the stage for a performance that’s both captivating and enduring for your user journey.

So check out our top 15 picks for user onboarding tools here (with Aligned Says:s on how to use them best.)

Our top user onboarding tools and processes

For businesses seeking to provide interactive website walkthroughs, WalkMe is a perfect choice for user onboarding. This platform utilizes automated tip balloons to guide users through specific website features, offering customized experiences based on user roles, location, and language.

It’s a great user onboarding tool because Its robust analytics feature also tracks user interactions, helping businesses continually refine their guidance approach. WalkMe integrates with Salesforce, AWS, Segment, Gainsight, Google Analytics, Heap, Slack, Google Workspace, LiveAgent, Intercom, Livechat, Zendesk, and other apps.

Aligned Says: Use WalkMe’s automatic walkthroughs as one of your user onboarding tools to guide users and let them take control when they feel comfortable navigating the platform.

Real-time messaging, archiving, and a robust search function make Slack the go-to collaboration tool for organizations across industries. Its custom app, Success Bot, helps user onboarding teams automate repetitive tasks, communicate with customers across multiple channels, and maintain a consistent voice and tone.

Aligned Says: Use Slack as one of your user onboarding tools to centralize communications with new customers by creating private channels where all relevant conversations and information are logged.

Most user onboarding teams appreciate tools that automate the often tedious task of scheduling initial customer meetings.

As the leading inbound conversion platform for high-growth B2B teams, Chili Piper offers sophisticated booking and routing capabilities that enable immediate meeting scheduling, enhance customer experience, and reduce expenses. Consider it the go-to productivity tool for streamlining your user onboarding process.

Aligned Says: Implement Smart Booking Links as one of your onboarding tools and for your onboarding process to automatically recognize customers already in your CRM, so they don’t have to enter their information every time they need to schedule a meeting.

When it comes to personalized user onboarding through user segmentation, Userpilot takes the crown. This cloud-based platform facilitates product adoption and improves the customer/ user onboarding process by allowing admins to segment users based on specific attributes or in-app events.

Userpilot stands out due to its personalization capabilities, enabling businesses to customize triggers and preview them across various environments. You can also optimize performance through A/B testing, milestone setups, and engagement tracking. It integrates with platforms such as Google Analytics, Amplitude, Intercom, and Segment.

Aligned Says: Leverage Userpilot’s capabilities as one of your user onboarding tools and in your onboarding process to create multilingual walkthroughs to cater to a global customer base.

First impressions are crucial when onboarding customers. EverAfter is a customer-facing, automated user onboarding tool that enhances real-time collaboration and accountability. It provides customers with a central hub to learn about your services, access relevant information, and receive tailored marketing messages.

EverAfter enhances efficiency by doing away with scattered resources like Google sheets, emails, and presentations, and assists onboarding teams in scaling faster by expediting task completion and increasing customer engagement.

Aligned Says: Utilize EverAfter’s advanced user onboarding hub as one of your onboarding tools and in your onboarding process to provide your customers with the satisfaction of self-directed learning.

A successful user onboarding process isn’t limited to one team’s responsibility but involves everyone engaged in the customer journey. A solid onboarding strategy synchronizes marketing, sales, and onboarding teams to provide precise, helpful information and actionable insights.

HubSpot uses your CRM data to implement automation, preventing your team from being overwhelmed with administrative tasks, and ensuring a seamless transition for your new customers.

Aligned Says: Leverage HubSpot’s email tracking as one of your user onboarding tools and in your onboarding process to feature and monitor onboarding emails and create custom pipelines to track the customer and user onboarding process.

Notion is an all-in-one productivity tool that promotes efficiency through collaboration. Popular with a wide range of users, from students to corporations like Adobe, it is equipped with various easy-to-use templates designed to enhance the user onboarding process.

Aligned Says: Utilize Notion as one of your user onboarding tools and in your onboarding process to build onboarding manuals that help teams quickly access information so they can deliver delightful onboarding experiences.

Gong equips user onboarding teams to maximize their valuable asset – customer interactions. With Gong, you can identify trends and themes in your onboarding conversations to tailor your approach for maximum effectiveness.

Aligned Says: Combine Gong with EverAfter to share all customer interaction recordings within your user onboarding hub.

Adopted by over 10 million users and 50,000 organizations across the globe, Calendly delivers remarkable collaboration features, stringent management controls, and top-tier compliance and security. The seamless compatibility with platforms like Salesforce, Zoom, Google, Zapier, Microsoft, and Slack makes it the preferred choice for larger enterprises like eBay and Gartner aiming to offer their new customers immediate and flexible access to the necessary information and support.

Calendly excels in eliminating the inconvenience of prolonged email exchanges, enabling users to set meetings promptly and professionally. User onboarding teams are encouraged to integrate their Calendly link into their email signatures and onboarding portals for easy access for new customers.

Aligned Says: Establish different meeting types in Calendly, such as orientation meetings and kickoff sessions, that you can insert into your existing user onboarding email templates.

Managing multiple onboarding tasks and collaborations is a breeze with Trello. The app employs a Kanban (visual) scheduling system to make project management more collaborative and transparent, helping streamline the user onboarding process.

Aligned Says: Employ Trello’s onboarding board template as one of your user onboarding tools to easily monitor the onboarding progress, gain immediate insight into when customers need assistance, and ensure no new customer is left behind.

Asana, employed by diverse industries such as Uber, Pinterest, and Dropbox, is a work management tool that helps internal teams understand who’s doing what and when. Your user onboarding team can benefit from its capabilities, too.

Whether creating onboarding plans or trying to streamline team calls and training, Asana provides a platform to communicate, collaborate, and organize workflows to simplify task management and project tracking.

Aligned Says: Use Asana’s advanced search function to quickly and easily generate reports that provide an overview of completed and upcoming user onboarding tasks.

Many leading companies employ Canva to streamline content creation, captivate audiences, build their brand identities, and foster teamwork. This centralized platform accelerates the design process, allowing user onboarding teams to collaborate on designing engaging onboarding materials, visual aids, and much more.

Did a customer recently join your platform? Use Canva to quickly design a warm welcome message or creative onboarding guide.

Aligned Says: Use Canva Pro’s brand kit feature to ensure your user onboarding materials are consistently branded and can be reused as future templates.

For the finest in customizable onboarding paths, complete with a feedback widget, look to Product Fruits. Known for its versatile user onboarding software, Product Fruits aids customers in product comprehension through systematic guidance, interactive messages, tooltips, and walkthroughs.

The platform comes with a free trial and is is not just a means of conveying information, but also a tool for listening. Thanks to its feedback widget, customers can report bugs, errors, or suggestions for improvements. Integrations include Segment, Mixpanel, Heap,, HubSpot, Sessionstack, Smartlook, and Google Analytics.

Aligned Says: To facilitate user-specific experiences, use Product Fruits user onboarding tools to create distinct user groups based on product preferences and persona data.

For tracking onboarding KPIs, Appcues is a prime contender. It offers immersive user onboarding experiences designed to boost user engagement and improve retention. Appcues allows for precise user segmentation, enabling businesses to provide targeted user onboarding flows and monitor their impact.

Appcues also integrates with several platforms such as Salesforce, Marketo, HubSpot, Zendesk, Slack, Intercom, Mailchimp, Heap, Mixpanel, Amplitude, Google Analytics, Segment, and many more.

Aligned Says: Utilize Appcues’ no-code builder user onboarding tools to quickly create and customize user onboarding experiences.

If you’re searching for a user onboarding tool that emphasizes task lists, consider GuideCX. This tool uses digital project management principles to create a user onboarding workflow filled with learning materials. The result is a straightforward, status-indicator task list for tracking progress during the user onboarding process.

GuideCX’s compatibility with Salesforce, Hubspot, Gainsite, Slack, and Jira gives it added flexibility, while its mobile app and collaboration tools further enhance its convenience. They offer a free trial and a free demo.

Aligned Says: Take advantage of GuideCX’s onboarding tools and white-labeling capability to ensure your user onboarding process aligns with your brand identity.


Intercom is an ideal choice for businesses seeking a combination of user onboarding and customer support services. This comprehensive solution helps businesses attract, engage, and support customers through bot-based algorithms, targeted emails, in-app messaging, and an integrated helpdesk.

Intercom’s product tour function is ideal for creating compelling, user-friendly user onboarding tutorials. For more complex applications, you can create custom bots that capture user intent and guide them through the appropriate tour. Intercom integrates with Stripe, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google Analytics, Segment, Heap, Outlook, Slack, Salesforce, and many others. It has a free trial for 14 days. 

Aligned Says: Make use of Intercom’s user onboarding tools and robust API for custom integrations to further enhance your user onboarding process.

There are user onboarding tools and then there are user onboarding tools!

If you’re aiming for a highly efficient user onboarding process that fosters customer satisfaction and cultivates loyalty, it’s essential to invest in the most suitable user onboarding tools available. These tools will empower your team to manage customer onboarding in a seamless manner, analyze customer behaviors, and educate them about your product or service, ensuring they feel confident about their choice.

The best user onboarding software for your company is the one that streamlines your processes and optimally prepares customers to use your product, ultimately helping them reach their desired outcomes.

If you’re ready to commit to user onboarding software and user onboarding tools that not only enhance the communication between your team and customers but also wow customers with an unparalleled onboarding experience, check out Aligned. Deliver flawless customer onboarding, with everything a customer needs – all in one place, packed with automation and project management capabilities to always keep things on a fast track to success in your user journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is investing in a user onboarding software crucial for my business?

In the digital marketplace, customer expectations have skyrocketed. Investing in a quality user onboarding tool/ user onboarding software can help you meet these expectations and set your business apart. A seamless user onboarding process and onboarding tools reduce the time it takes for customers to find value in your product, encourage longer-term engagement, and reduce churn. Plus, many user onboarding tools provide insightful analytics that can help you refine your strategy and better understand customer behaviors and needs.

What features should I look for in top-tier customer onboarding tools?

The features you require for user onboarding tools will depend on your specific business needs and goals. However, certain features are universally beneficial. A good user interface simplifies the user onboarding process, while customization options allow you to create a unique, branded experience. Robust analytics give you insights into your customers’ behaviors and engagement levels. Integration capabilities ensure the onboarding tool can work in tandem with your existing systems, and flexible pricing plans can help you stick to your budget while getting the most from the tool.

How can the 'best' customer onboarding tool enhance my customer retention rate?

The best user onboarding tools and user onboarding software are customer-centric, focusing on providing a top-notch user experience and great user interface.  By streamlining the initial stages of the customer journey, these tools can reduce customer frustration and confusion, directly impacting customer satisfaction. A positive user onboarding experience increases the likelihood that customers will stick with your product long term, thereby boosting your customer retention rates.

Are there customer onboarding tools suitable for small businesses or startups?

Absolutely! Many user onboarding tools cater to businesses of all sizes, from startups to enterprise-level companies. These tools often offer scalable solutions, so as your business grows, your onboarding tool can grow with you. Additionally, many providers offer flexible pricing plans to accommodate various budgets.

How do customer onboarding tools align with my current CRM or sales software?

Modern user onboarding tools are built to integrate with existing CRM and sales software seamlessly. This means you can implement an onboarding tool into your tech stack without disrupting your current systems. The onboarding tool can enhance these systems by offering deeper insights into the customer journey, helping to guide your customers toward becoming fully proficient with your product.

Do onboarding tools provide insights to help improve my product?

Yes, many user onboarding tools feature advanced analytics capabilities. These analytics provide insights into how your customers interact with your product during the onboarding process. This information can be invaluable in identifying areas where your product excels and where it may need improvement, which can, in turn, inform future product development and enhancement efforts.

Can customer onboarding tools support multilingual customers?

Certainly! A variety of top-tier user onboarding tools offer multilingual support, allowing you to deliver an excellent onboarding experience to all customers, regardless of language. This feature can be incredibly useful for businesses with a global customer base, ensuring everyone receives the same high level of support.

How can customer onboarding tools enhance personalization in my customer journey?

  • User onboarding tools can use segmentation and targeted messaging to increase personalization throughout the customer journey.
  • These user onboarding tools have the capability to track customer behavior and preferences during the onboarding process.
  • The information gathered about each customer’s behavior and preferences can be used to deliver customized messages and guidance.
  • Tailoring the onboarding process to individual users can significantly enhance both engagement and satisfaction levels.
  • By providing a more personalized onboarding process, these user onboarding tools help create a more engaging and satisfying experience for customers.

Are there customer onboarding tools that allow customers to learn at their own pace?

Indeed, many user onboarding tools include features that empower customers to explore and learn about your product at their own pace. This approach can enhance customer satisfaction, as it respects their time and learning preferences. Furthermore, this self-service model can alleviate pressure on your customer support team by providing users with the resources they need to answer common questions or solve simple issues on their own.

What kind of support can I expect from a top customer onboarding tool provider?

The level of support offered can vary between providers, but top-tier user onboarding tools companies usually offer comprehensive customer service. This can include options such as live chat and email support, extensive online resources and tutorials, and even dedicated account managers for larger clients. The level and quality of customer support are important factors to consider when choosing an onboarding tool, as this support can greatly influence your ability to maximize the benefits of the tool.

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