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Seeing between meetings, a dream come true!

Aligned, for the first time, enables reps to fill the blind spots between their meetings, and make better decisions, by analyzing all interactions that occur a-synchronically in their shared buyer-seller workspace.

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In Aligned they trust:

Make better decisions with never before tracked insights

  • Get alerts on all async buyer engagement in your workspace
  • Analyze sales collateral views, discussion views, with drill downs, and more
  • React on time when the competitive comparison is being viewed by the economic buyer, right at signature stage

Aligned delivers a first-of-its-kind revenue intelligence that helps us truly understand buyers’ intent and their stage in the buying journey. It brings a new dimension of intelligence that was impossible before, helping us better control and forecast our deals.

Omer Shirazi

CRO, EasySend

Forecast based on reality, with true visibility into the deal

  • Identify how multi-threaded (# of stakeholders) your deal is
  • See and compare total time spent in evaluating your solution
  • Get a sense of which deals are on track and which deals are cooling off

Aligned is truly a game-changer. We've had so many situations where the increased buyer visibility helped us win deals. Can't think of selling without it.

Idan Arealy

CRO, Anagog

Finally, you can identify and engage all stakeholders

  • No more being blocked behind an email that’s being forwarded around
  • Get alerts on any new stakeholders that enter your workspace
  • Understand their intents and concerns
  • Reach out to connect and add value

Aligned is helping us take things to the next level with one source of truth for the customer and process standardization.

Olivier Elbaz

Global Head of Expansion, Deel

Sales reps are flying blind 95% of the time

"Only 5% of the buying process is spent with a single vendor" - Gartner. Gain access to unprecedented revenue intelligence by analyzing all async buyer interactions.

Mobile Optimized

Aligned is natively built for an easy mobile experience, for both buyers and sellers

White Label

Your own logo, banner, and URL - leave your customers’ jaws dropped

Secured Sharing

Choose between 6 types of permissions, for all types of business needs

Stakeholder Mgmt.

Identify who's involved in the deal and keep them accountable


Standardize your selling by creating workspace templates for every need

Frequently Asked Questions

How do analytics provided by Aligned enhance the decision-making process for sales reps?

By offering insights into buyer engagement, sales collateral views, discussion views, and more, Aligned’s analytics help sales reps to better understand their prospects’ behavior and preferences. This information empowers them to tailor their approach and make more informed decisions throughout the sales process.

How does Aligned assist in forecasting sales and deal progress?

Aligned provides a reality-based forecasting approach by offering true visibility into each deal. It allows sales reps to identify the number of stakeholders involved, compare the total time spent evaluating their solution, and assess which deals are on track or cooling off. This data-driven approach helps reps prioritize and manage their pipeline more effectively.

How can Aligned's analytics help sales reps identify and engage all stakeholders in a deal?

Aligned enables sales reps to track new stakeholders entering their workspace, understand their intents and concerns, and receive alerts on any relevant activity. This information allows reps to proactively engage with all stakeholders, making sure they address their concerns and add value to the sales process.

What are the benefits of using Aligned's analytics for analyzing a-synchronous buyer interactions?

  • Uncover blind spots between meetings
  • Gain insights from a-synchronous buyer interactions
  • Receive real-time alerts on critical events
  • React promptly to competitive comparisons
  • Stay on top of the sales process

How can Aligned's analytics improve sales reps' understanding of buyer engagement?

Aligned offers comprehensive insights into buyer engagement, such as sales collateral views, discussion views, and drill-down analysis. By tracking these metrics, sales reps can better gauge their prospects’ interest levels and adjust their strategies accordingly to drive successful outcomes.

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