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"I have saved 15-20% of admin time!"

See how Deel was able to cut down on admin time, (and therefore free up their personal time) while game-changingly improving customer collaboration.


Don’t want to read the whole shpiel? No problem, here’s the summary:

Who is Deel?
Deel helps thousands of companies expand globally with unmatched speed and flexibility. It’s global hiring, HR, and payroll in just one system.

Who was singing our praises?
Aaron, an Account Executive at Deel in Australia.

The Challenge:

  • Deel was struggling with the way they were sending and receiving collateral with their clients.
  • Trying to help them navigate what their solution was, and how to purchase and implement it was proving to be a nightmare.


  • Obviously, they were using email, but you can imagine what that looked like – picture one email with 50 threads on it, and the headache that became.
  • With how busy everyone is today, it was proving to be impossible to keep track of where that information was or drive urgency with the client, without having easy access to it.
  • With no forecasting and clarity, it was hard for both the salesperson and for the client to know how much time to invest in a project to complete it by a certain deadline.

The solution:

With Aligned, Deel experienced a transformative shift in their operational efficiency and client engagement. 

  • Firstly, they managed to reduce administrative tasks by 20%, freeing up valuable time. Being able to repeat rooms allowed Deel to preload deals with pertinent documentation. Now their clients had access to necessary information directly, eliminating the need to wade through an entire website.
  • Moving from spreadsheets to Aligned’s platform created a more collaborative and user-friendly experience for both sellers and buyers.
  • And having the ability to monitor client activity within the rooms meant Deel could now track when a client viewed the content and the duration of their engagement, and pinpoint where they were in the decision-making process.
  • Enter better accountability, ensuring clients met specified timelines.
  • And finally, finally, the exhaustive email trails were replaced with a clearer visual of the entire process, with greater collaboration and setting clear expectations from the get-go. 

Got some time and want to go in-depth? Glad all this work wasn’t for nothing. Read on!



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Step away from the spreadsheet

Before Aligned, Aaron was using spreadsheets to manage deals, placing timelines, next steps, and hyperlinking documents to that- and reinventing the wheel each time. Being able to move away from this tedious activity, to something much more collaborative and easy to use, made life much happier for both the seller and for the buyer. 

Know that they’re seeing what you’re doing

For Aaron, being able to post recorded calls and other documentation that clients could view within the platform itself is incredibly valuable. And knowing that Aligned can track client activity in the room, changes everything. The two go hand in hand with one another – being able to post content, have clients consume that, and then know when they viewed it, for how long, and where they’re at in the process is a game changer. 

It’s saved a ton of time when it comes to follow-ups and trying to move deals through the process

And the analytics! Oh, the analytics!

Being an SMB, the velocity of deals is fast, so the seller needs to know how much time they’re investing in a client at any given moment. For Deel, knowing how bought in the client is, very early on in the process helps them determine whether the client needs more or less time in a deal.

I’ve saved 15-20% of admin time with Aligned.

The next step(s) to collaboration

Deel loves being able to hold the client accountable to complete certain things by certain times – as well as themselves. And this reinforces the idea that they’re helping the client purchase… versus trying to sell them something. 


Open. close. Win. Repeat.

The way Deel runs deals through Aligned is very repeatable. Now they can preload a deal with different documentation, and empower the client early on to learn how to access that without having to go to the website and sift through all the information there. They can streamline everything for them. Gone are the days they had to pack out an email with all that info, and they’re also helping the client understand what the WHOLE process will look like.

Deel’s time new deal time.

Having pricing negotiation calls and reviewing previous calls, takes time. Without Aligned, this process would be having a recorded call, storing it on your CRM, dissecting the call, typing it into CRM etc. And that’s before having to write the client a follow-up email.

After implementing Aligned, Deel found they can all collaborate in the same room, write some short notes after a call, and it can all stay there. In one space. The clients can access all the information. 

I’ve had clients comment in the room saying “This is amazing, whoever's idea this is, it’s going to go far” I’ve had incredible feedback so far.

More time. More money. More life outside work.

As salespeople, Deel knows that having systems in place is critical. Anything that’s easy to duplicate, scale and save on time efficiency, means more sales, more money, and being able to achieve the goals we want to achieve as people outside of work too. Deel found Aligned to be the most efficient system to move deals through a process, to qualify deals in and out. The time efficiency, speed to close deals, and client satisfaction mean it’s something they use regularly with the deals they run. Now they can focus on those clients that need their time, and not those that don’t.

We’re uncovering 2-3 more stakeholders per deal, since Aligned’s been implemented.

No more “hey, did you see my email?”

One of the biggest problems in any kind of tech sales role is getting ghosted by clients and not knowing where you stand. Deel knows this, and they recognize that Aligned is a great way to have the customer commit to a small promise before investing any more time, without asking “Hey, did you see my email?”

Now they can gauge and proactively look at what their clients are seeing and what their concerns could be, which helps determine how strong the deal is so they can determine exactly when they’ll close. Aligned helps forecast when to drive urgency – so they know what to ask and what next steps are required to move the deal forward.

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