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Enterprise Sales Software

Streamline Your Enterprise Sales, Enhance Execution & Consistency

Ever wondered how companies seamlessly navigate through hundreds or even thousands of new enterprise-level sales processes each year, all the while ensuring that each client’s unique needs are met?

The answer to selling to enterprise customers lies in the power of Enterprise Sales Software. This indispensable tool not only establishes clear objectives and next steps for both the seller and the buyer but also enables the entire sales team to stay coordinated and streamline their processes. It empowers companies to deliver a consistent buying experience, communicate effectively, manage everything centrally, and link it directly to their CRM.

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What is Enterprise Sales Software?

Enterprise Sales Software automates the creation and management of enterprise sales processes, simplifying collaboration between your sales team and clients. The software consolidates all the necessary resources, files, and communication, helping both parties to stay on the same page, monitor progress, and make informed decisions.

3 reasons why
you’d be crazy NOT to use Enterprise Sales Software

Selling to enterprise customers with Enterprise Sales Software allows you to craft a customized sales process for each client based on their unique needs and objectives.

Leverage Enterprise Sales Software to optimize task management for your sales team, enabling them to focus on delivering value to your clients.

Enterprise Sales Software grants you deep insights into all buyer interactions, with alerts for all sales room activities. Analyze activity, views, comments, and more, maintaining deal visibility even after meetings conclude. This way, you can prevent deal loss and respond to buying signals promptly, increasing your chances of closing more deals.

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Enterprise Sales Software vs your current solution:


Aligned's Enterprise Sales Software

Traditional Methods

Why choose Aligned to boost buyer engagement and maintain momentum?

After a 5-minute demo of Aligned, I was sold! A living, breathing mutual success plan in the form of a technology platform! I rarely say- this is a truly disruptive product that the market actually needs.

Alexine Mudawar, CEO, Women in Sales

Aligned is a single place to keep on top of deals, build strong business cases with champions and get multiple stakeholders on board. I wish I had it early, but I have it now, and I'm enjoying it immensely!

Sarah Brazier, Senior Account Executive, Gong

6 Tips for implementing an Enterprise Sales Software

(Emphasis on sales…let’s close them)

Securing buyer cooperation:

Underline the benefits of the sales pod for both parties to stimulate active participation when selling to enterprise customers.

Shared objectives:

Set clear, aligned goals with your prospects to ensure mutual understanding and commitment.

Planning together:

Engage prospects in the sales process, building trust and collaboration.

Tracking progress:

Leverage the sales pod for transparency, real-time updates, and straightforward collaboration.

Reviewing and adjusting:

Periodically assess the sales process and make necessary adjustments to optimize results.

Allocating and distributing ownership:

Establish timelines and delegate responsibilities to everyone involved for a smooth and efficient sales process.


Our Enterprise Sales Software is engineered to create a personalized and efficient sales process for your clients, leading to heightened satisfaction levels. By providing segment-based sales rooms, client-led experiences, and memorable sales process journeys, the software ensures your clients feel valued and well-supported from the beginning.

The software streamlines and automates various sales process tasks, enabling your sales team to focus on delivering value to your clients. With optimized task management, seamless CRM integration, and real-time updates, your team can efficiently manage the entire sales process, delivering a better experience for both your clients and your team.

By establishing predictable processes and a mutual action plan, our Enterprise Sales Process Software assists your team in implementing a standardized and repeatable sales process. This consistency ensures that every client receives the same high-quality sales experience, regardless of who on your team is managing the process.

Our Enterprise Sales Software integrates seamlessly with your existing CRM, allowing you to manage and track the entire sales process from within your CRM. This integration ensures better organization, tracking, and visibility for both your sales team and leadership.

Yes, the software is designed to be adaptable and can be tailored to meet your company’s unique sales process requirements. By automatically generating segment-based sales rooms and providing a client-led experience, the software ensures a personalized sales process journey for each client, catering to their specific needs and objectives.

The platform encourages collaboration by centralizing all necessary resources, files, and communication, making it easy for both parties to stay aligned, track progress, and make informed decisions. By bringing everyone together and promoting open communication, the software enables a more effective and efficient sales process.

Yes, our Enterprise Sales Software is built with security and compliance in mind. We adhere to industry-standard security measures and best practices to ensure the protection of your data and the privacy of your clients. If you have any specific security or compliance concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information.

  • Automatically generating segment-based sales rooms for a personalized experience
  • Providing a client-led sales process journey that empowers clients to drive their sales process
  • Optimizing task management to efficiently support your sales team
  • Crafting memorable sales process experiences to promote client satisfaction and loyalty
  • Streamlining sales processes with a mutual action plan for better collaboration between your team and clients
  • Integrating seamlessly with your CRM for better organization, tracking, and visibility
  • Real-time updates and progress tracking to keep everyone informed and aligned throughout the sales process.