16 creators. 2 days. 1 house.

4th - 6th of September

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Find out more about the biggest content celebration of the year.

It’s time to reframe sales: Stop selling and help buyers buy.

We’ve gathered the greatest sales minds in the industry, putting them in a resort in San Francisco for 2 days, and letting them rip.

Anything can happen.

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Who's gonna be there?

If the best of the best is something that interests you, check out the list of MVPs here.

Sarah Brazier

Mid-Market Account Executive, Business Financing @ Gong

Ding Zheng

Founder @ SalesRap.io

Alexine Mudawar

CEO @ Women in Sales

Will Aitken

Social @ Lavender

Hamish Stephenson

CEO @ Selr.io

Jed Mahrle

Director of Sales @ Mailshake

Zoë Hartsfield

Sr, Mgr Ecex Presence + Evangelism @ Apollo.ai

Ryan Scalera

Founder @ Arkenstone GTM

Maria Bross

Director of Sales Development @ Revenue.io

Leslie Douglas

Head of Sales Programming @ Sell Better

Jack Ry

Director of Sales @ Elsesser Ventures

Avi Meshulam

Enterprise Account Executive @ Orum

Alexis Bertholf

Pre-Sales Systems Engineer @ Cisco Systems

Amelia Taylor

Evangelism & GTM Strategy @ regie.ai

Byron Sierra-Mattos

Founding Enterprise AE @ Aligned

Daniel Ryan

Founding AE @ Aligned

Gal Aga

Co-founder and CEO @ Aligned

Saad Khan

Director @ Aligned

They’re ready. We’re ready… now - are you?

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