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The Mutual Action Plan Template

Get your customers up and running as quickly as possible with our Mutual Action Plan template. This template is packed with automation and project management capabilities to keep things moving quickly and smoothly.

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Who needs to do what to make this deal happen?

A mutual action plan is the key to aligning your sales team with your prospects on objectives and major goals. If your sales process involves more than a one-call close, chances are you need a Mutual Action Plan to align everyone on the buying team and keep your deals on track. Use this template to help you map out the stages of your sales process with the milestones of your customer’s buying journey.

What is a Mutual Action Plan?

A Mutual Action Plan (MAP) outlines the steps, deadlines, and milestones that buyers and sellers will take during the buying or onboarding process. MAPs are usually created in a shared doc, sheet, or deck, and are also known as a joint execution plan, mutual success plan, mutual evaluation plan, or close plan.

  • Streamline the sales process and help both sides close the deal more quickly
  • Identify areas where the buyer and seller need to collaborate
  • Identify tasks, roles, and deadlines for a faster deal closure
  • Offer a path to real solutions to customer pain points, not one-sided sales pitches

Why you need a MAP. ASAP

A Mutual Action Plan makes it easy to work together with buyers so that you can achieve your (and their) goals. MAPs align both parties around the business objectives, key steps, timeline, and the stakeholders who need to be involved.

Buying software in the B2B world is complex. MAPs help make it easier for your buyer (and yourself!) by clearly laying out the path on how you’re going to work together to help buyers deliver their desired business outcomes.

Using a Mutual Action Plan signals that you actually know what you’re doing, and you can build massive trust with your buyer. MAPs also help keep both sides accountable in the process. When done in a collaborative way with your buyer, it helps keep you both Aligned on what needs to happen, at what time, and with whom, to meet your buyer’s goals and timeline.

All of this facilitates clear, open, and honest communication between both sides. You both work in full alignment on what needs to happen, and you can build a stronger partnership.

Through this template, you’ll be able to build mutual plans with your buyers and get the buy-in of other internal stakeholders. Use this so you can explain how you’ll formalize the partnership, implement the solution, and follow up regularly as you move forward.

Mutual Action Plan template

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