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“Engagement is definitely a QPI that we’ve increased with Aligned”

See how Onebeat’s approach to sales underwent a transformative shift

Don’t want to read the whole shpiel? No problem, here’s the summary:

Who is Onebeat
Onebeat is a retail inventory optimization solution that helps retailers around the world better manage their inventory, to ensure that their stock is always up-to-date.

Who was singing our praises?
Irma Moreno, Sales Director for Onebeat in Mexico

The Challenge:

  • Onebeat, with a strong presence in Mexico, always has its communication channels buzzing. Irma, as the sales director, found herself at the heart of this communication whirlwind.
  • Every day, she was deluged with emails, each packed with queries about the sales process and impending actions.
  • Despite the high volume, the real challenge lay in sifting through these emails to discern which were critical to the sales process and which weren’t.
  • Irma was juggling the delicate act of keeping clients informed without drowning them in a sea of follow-ups.
  • The trouble was, using email made it challenging to customize communication for each client. Irma realized that she couldn’t just understand her client’s needs; she had to anticipate them.

  • It was becoming increasingly clear: the current system just wasn’t cutting it.

The Solution:

  • With Aligned, Irma’s approach to sales underwent a transformative shift.
  • One of the most potent features she discovered was the ability to clone a ‘room’ and then tailor it, ensuring every client felt they were getting the personal attention they deserved.
  • But the real game-changer was the analytics. No more guesswork. Now, Irma could see exactly which sections of her proposals clients were focusing on.
  • It was like being handed a map of their preferences, allowing her to craft content that resonated every single time.
  • Once she wrapped up a meeting, Irma could instantly share all pertinent information, ensuring her clients remained engaged and informed.
  • This not only saved time but also meant she could zero in on promising deal opportunities without delay.
  • With Aligned, Irma wasn’t just connecting with her clients; she was forging bonds that promised lasting business relationships.

Got some time and want to go in-depth? Glad all this work wasn’t for nothing. Read on!



Tel Aviv




51 - 200***


Retail & Marketing

Never missing a (one)beat

As a tech company, Onebeat is always on the cutting edge of its industry. They’re constantly working to stay a step ahead of the competition, and that’s where Aligned comes in, giving them tools that help them keep their leading edge. Irma, who deals with tech-savvy clients who are all about the latest technology, has noticed that Aligned has certainly caught their attention. She has happily recommended it to many clients who appreciate its user-friendly nature, which allows for a single link to be sent via email for instant access.

I think it's effective because we can create more effective content, so we know what they want then we can work internally to create more of that content

Knock, knock… who’s there?

Aligned has helped bridge the gap between Irma and her clients, fostering a sense of closeness that was previously lacking. Irma shares that seeing clients actively engaged in the virtual room is not just exciting but also reassuring. The moment they open a room and see their own logo, the excitement is palpable—this is their space. Irma sees Aligned as a versatile tool that can benefit anyone seeking to strengthen their client relationships, making it a must-have for professionals in any industry.

Helps me focus my time when I see there’s an opportunity to close a deal

Large downloads can be a buzzkill

Sending large links that require downloads and waiting can be a real engagement killer. It’s something that could seriously impact your sales process because maintaining engagement is crucial. Now, Irma can quickly upload a testimonial and receive instant feedback all on the Aligned platform. As she sees in real-time when a potential client is in the room, she can upload additional documents that they might be interested in.

You don’t just want to sell something, you want to be engaged with your client

Embracing change has never been easier

At first, there was a fear of change, perhaps some reluctance to adapt. The idea of learning a new tool seemed daunting. However, Irma’s experience with Aligned proved remarkably straightforward. It took her less than an hour to get the hang of it, and this simplicity became a notable advantage, especially when compared to other tools that demand extensive downloads and intricate learning curves. For Irma, Aligned seamlessly became part of her daily routine, yielding immediate, tangible results. Send out your rooms, and people start joining in – it’s that easy and fast.

Took me an hour to understand or even less

Goodbye guessing game

Aligned has helped Irma understand and create the type of content her clients want to see. With Aligned, she gains valuable insights into her clients’ preferences, allowing her to fine-tune their content creation efforts. This not only enhances Onebeat’s overall content quality but also saves them tons of time throughout the process. She can spot signs when a prospect isn’t engaging as expected, letting her know that it might not be the best time for them to move forward. By integrating this information with their HubSpot data, she can smoothly guide prospects toward their next steps or, when needed, set them aside for future follow-up.

Any industry would have the benefit of Aligned

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