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“Now I can see and know which clients are interacting more, and who’s interested in our solution”

See how Onbeat uses analytics and other Aligned features to cut down on emails, boost engagement and keep communication flowing with Aligned

Don’t want to read the whole shpiel? No problem, here’s the summary:

Who is Onebeat
Retail tech that provides a solution for retail chains that helps inventory managers react and keep the excess of stock at a low level.

Who was singing our praises?
Bruno Cordoni, Head of engagement and business development for the Brazilian market

The Challenge:

  • Before partnering with Aligned, Bruno’s post-meeting routine was sending an array of documents—case studies, brochures, videos, and the like—directly to clients via email. However, this often posed an inconvenience to clients who might not have had ample digital storage for all those files.

  • A significant portion of these emails remained unopened, leaving Bruno in the dark about whether his clients were interacting with the content.
  • Engaging clients effectively and addressing their unique business challenges became increasingly tricky.

The Solution:

  • Thanks to Aligned’s in-depth analytics, Bruno now smartly times his interactions with prospects based on their room activity.

  • When he sees heightened engagement in the room, he leverages Aligned’s tools to boost engagement, ensuring the communication keeps flowing.

  • With these insights, Bruno can prioritize certain leads when he sees that they are more engaged, which has helped him redirect his focus and save time.
  • Nowadays, Bruno initiates the sales journey differently. Rather than bombarding clients with a slew of emails, he welcomes them into a personalized Aligned room.
  • With Aligned he can enhance their experience with personalized touches, like integrating the client’s name and logo, (amongst others) which never fails to leave a lasting, positive mark.

Got some time and want to go in-depth? Glad all this work wasn’t for nothing. Read on!



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Retail & Marketing

Save your energy for Interested Prospects

Having insights into who’s actively engaged and showing increasing interest, versus those who aren’t, has been invaluable for Bruno. This knowledge allows him to focus his efforts on prospects with a higher chance of closing a deal and to adjust his approach for those less engaged. As Bruno refines his strategy, Aligned helps him keep tabs on their continued engagement. Should they persist with limited interest, Bruno can readily shift his priorities, optimizing his time and keeping his attention where it truly counts.

Working in sales is to keep people engaged

Make it Memorable with Personalization

When Bruno kicks off the sales process using Aligned, he’s not just dispatching generic documents via email. Instead, he’s welcoming clients into a tailored environment within an Aligned room. By personalizing the space with the prospect’s name and logo, he adds that special touch that never fails to impress the client.

Now I don’t have to exchange all these emails with clients, just one or two

Where Would We Be without Our Analytics?

One thing Bruno particularly values in Aligned is its analytics. This tool empowers him to pinpoint the perfect time to touch base with a prospect again. He can see who’s visited their room, the duration of their stay, and which content grabbed their attention. When he senses activity ramping up in a room, indicating increased interest, he jumps on Aligned to drop a comment. It’s his go-to method to boost engagement and maintain the dialogue.

Now I can see and know which clients are interacting more, and who’s interested in our solution

Create a Lasting Impression

Bruno highly recommends Aligned to any company looking to make a strong impression with their prospects. It has helped him gain insights into how his clients engage with their content and materials. What he especially values is the pleasant surprise it brings to his clients when they experience such an advanced sales process. Bruno now recommends Aligned to anyone aiming to boost sales and streamline their sales process.

I’m not sending materials or documents to the client, I’m sending them a great environment inside of the room

Demonstrate Innovation From the Start

For companies selling technology and innovative solutions, integrating a technological tool like Aligned into their sales process has been a genuine game-changer. It has become their initial point of contact with prospects. Bruno finds this invaluable because it goes beyond merely showcasing their technological expertise through presentations. It demonstrates from the outset that they are tech-savvy, advanced, disruptive, and an innovative force. This innovation is evident in every facet of their approach, even in that very first interaction with potential clients.

I would recommend Aligned to all the companies that want to build a good impression with their prospects

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