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Sales Portal Software

Boost Buyer Engagement, Accelerate Sales Cycle by 45%

Sales Portals are more than a trend.

They’re an essential tool for modern sellers, putting a stop to the chaos in deals. They make both the seller’s and the buyer’s life much easier, shortening sales cycles and saving a lot of (almost) lost deals. 

By incorporating a sales portal platform, you can streamline the sales process, reduce the number of tools in your sales tech stack, and create a single source for sales enablement collateral.

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What is a Sales Portal?

In today's remote environment, you need a process to engage buyers and maintain momentum.

A sales portal enables your buyers, their stakeholders, and your sales team to work together, with real collaboration, and speed up the sales cycle.

It centralizes all necessary resources, files, and communication, making it easy for both parties to stay aligned (ha! See what we did there?), it tracks progress, gets insights, and make informed decisions.

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The sales portal consolidates all conversations, stakeholders, processes, and resources into a single shared space, providing everything you need to win all in one place. By creating a virtual sales room for each deal, you can share the most up-to-date sales content, streamline all discussions into topics, and remove buyer friction, ultimately increasing your chances of winning more deals.

Aligning buyers to a Mutual Action Plan (MAP) is key to successful B2B sales. With the sales portal, you can build collaborative MAPs with your champion, assign tasks, allow buyers to assign tasks to you, share status, discuss tasks, update timelines, and create accountability, driving deal momentum. You can also get stakeholders from both sides on the same page, bringing your teams (pre-sales, manager, etc.) together, enabling everyone to comment, share files, manage action items, schedule meetings, and more.

The sales portal platform allows you to gain deep insights into all buyer interactions, with alerts on all sales room interactions. You can analyze activity, views, comments, and more, gaining deal visibility even after the meeting ends. This way, you can prevent deal loss and react to buying signals promptly, increasing your chances of closing more deals.

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Why choose Aligned to boost buyer engagement and maintain momentum?

After a 5-minute demo of Aligned, I was sold! A living, breathing mutual success plan in the form of a technology platform! I rarely say- this is a truly disruptive product that the market actually needs.

Alexine Mudawar, CEO, Women in Sales

Aligned is a single place to keep on top of deals, build strong business cases with champions and get multiple stakeholders on board. I wish I had it early, but I have it now, and I'm enjoying it immensely!

Sarah Brazier, Senior Account Executive, Gong

6 Tips for implementing a Sales Portal

(with a big emphasis on the “Sales Portal” – your customer is the key)

Gaining buyer cooperation:

Communicate the value of the sales pod, highlighting the benefits for both parties to encourage active participation.

Shared objectives:

Define clear, aligned goals with your prospects, ensuring mutual understanding and commitment.

Plan together:

Involve prospects in the sales process, fostering trust and collaboration.

Track progress:

Use the sales portal for transparency, real-time updates, and easy collaboration.

Review and adjust:

Regularly evaluate the sales process and make adjustments as needed to optimize results.

Take and distribute ownership:

Set timelines and assign responsibilities to everyone involved, ensuring a smooth and efficient sales process.


A sales portal is a digital platform that offers B2B businesses various tools and features, including document sharing, video conferencing, and collaboration tools.

Sales portals provide a range of benefits for B2B deals, including:

  • Enhanced collaboration and communication
  • Improved efficiency
  • Increased security
  • Deal insights
  • Speeds up sales cycles
  • Streamline complex deals

Any B2B business that conducts sales meetings, negotiations, or deal-making can benefit from using a sales portal This includes businesses in industries such as:

  • Sales
  • Technology
  • Manufacturing and more

Yes, sales portals are designed with security in mind. They use encryption and other security measures to protect sensitive data and documents shared during the sales process.

Most Sales portas are web-based, which means you don’t need any special software to use them. You will need an internet connection, a device (such as a laptop or tablet), and a web browser.

The cost of using a Sales Portal can vary depending on the provider and the features included. Aligned offers a free forever plan as well as some other pricing options, while others require a subscription or a one-time fee.

While Sales Portals can be a great alternative to in-person meetings, they may not completely replace them. In some cases, in-person meetings may still be necessary or preferred, depending on the nature of the deal or the preferences of the parties involved.

Many Sales portals are designed to integrate with existing business systems, including CRMs, marketing automation platforms, and other tools. This integration allows for a more streamlined sales process and enables businesses to easily share data and insights across different teams and departments.

Some Sales portals are leveraging AI technology to enhance the sales process. For example, AI-powered chatbots can assist with customer inquiries and help guide prospects through the sales funnel. Additionally, AI can be used to analyze data and identify patterns that can inform sales strategies and improve the overall effectiveness of the sales process.