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Who knew a customer onboarding flow could be that easy?

We did. We knew.

Say hello to success, throw away the spreadsheets, and cancel the time-wasting meetings, because everything a customer could ever need can be found in this customer onboarding flow. 

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Aligned's clients

In Aligned they trust:

An onboarding flow that just…flows

    • A smoother, more collaborative platform
    • Streamlined where timelines/steps are followed 
    • Write notes, add attachments, and create sub-tasks 
    • For easy reminders, all activities are sent to customers’ emails
    • Every task has a context for discussions

Imagine a world where customers onboard themselves. Now stop imagining

  • Everything you need to succeed, all in one place 
  • A personalized flow-easy for customers to self-onboard 
  • Say goodbye to email threads that never end 
  • A first-class, first-impression customer experience 

Aligned helps keep the conversation in one place, which doesn’t become 16 billion emails. When I saw your platform, I was crying with joy!


Aviva Goodman

Customer Success Manager, Causematch

You: The finger Them: The pulse

  • Get alerted on all engagements in your workspace 
  • View activity, page views, discussion views, and more
  • Check the status of your onboarding and account
  • Analyze customer interactions to make better decisions

Aligned helps our team gain more control and visibility over their accounts while allowing us to drive a consistent, and differentiated buying experience.

Omer Shirazi

CRO, EasySend

Customer Onboarding template

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Mobile Optimized

Aligned is natively built for an easy mobile experience, for both buyers and sellers

White Label

Your own logo, banner, and URL - leave your customers’ jaws dropped

Secured Sharing

Choose between 6 types of permissions, for all types of business needs

Stakeholder Mgmt.

Identify who's involved in the deal and keep them accountable


Standardize your selling by creating workspace templates for every need

Ready to cut your onboarding time by half and save dozens of hours spent on emails ? 🪄

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