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Calendly Integration

This integration between Aligned and Calendly streamlines the meeting scheduling process by allowing you to embed Calendly directly into your Aligned workspace. With Calendly, your prospects can easily schedule meetings with you directly from your shared workspace. Once you add Calendly to your Aligned room and connect it to your account, it automatically knows when you’re available and allows others to set meetings with you accordingly.

About Calendly 

Calendly is an online appointment scheduler that helps you schedule meetings quickly and efficiently. It eliminates the need for back-and-forth emails and phone calls by allowing others to schedule time with you based on your availability. Calendly is easy to use and can integrate with a variety of different tools, making it a popular choice for busy professionals.

About Aligned

Aligned is a new way to collaborate with customers in the remote world.
Create a shared workspace for each deal, centralize all content, conversation & process in one place. Simplify and speed up your process with buyers, sellers and collaborate like never before.


The integration between Aligned and Calendly is available in all of Aligned’s plans. It makes it easy to schedule meetings with prospects, increasing engagement and moving deals forward faster.