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Vimeo Integration

Aligned allows for easy embedding of content into your workspace, and with the integration of Vimeo, you can easily share high-quality, customized videos with your clients. By sharing professional-quality videos directly from your workspace, you can showcase your product or service in a more engaging and interactive way, while also tailoring the video to meet your clients’ specific needs and requirements.

About Vimeo

Vimeo is a popular video hosting platform that is known for its professional-level video customization and less commercial interruptions. With Vimeo, users can customize the video player, add their own logo and access advanced analytics to measure the video’s impact.

About Aligned

Aligned is a new way to collaborate with customers in the remote world. 

Create a shared workspace for each deal, centralize all content, conversation & process in one place. Simplify and speed up your process with buyers, sellers and collaborate like never before.


The Vimeo integration is available in all of Aligned’s plans, allowing users to easily share customized, professional-quality videos with their clients directly from their workspace.